What our users say about Fresh EBT

In early 2018 we asked Fresh EBT users to tell us how the app has impacted their lives. Below are responses from people who gave us permission to share them publicly.

Being a working mother of two, it gets kind of tedious saving receipts or calling the number on the back of the card to check my balance. So when someone introduced me to the app I felt like my life was saved. Now all I have to do is pull out my phone, which already do because of my digital coupons; and I check my balance on my app. It saves time and patience.
Prior to using the app, I shopped around and never knowing how much I had on my card made it difficult. Now I’m able to use the monthly budget amount each week. I also save money with coupons or discount cards I access on the app. I used the app the other day and I knew my balance before I checked out, I was able to make a list of what I needed and which stores had the items on sale. So for me, this app has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN HOW I UTILIZE MY SNAP BENEFITS. THANK YOU FRESH EBT.
John, Texas
Easier to keep track of balances and spending and great recipe ideas.
Maria N.
Helps me budget.
Abigail P.
The app makes it easy to control your spending. It also lets you know where you do the most spending. It saves time.
Adam M.
It’s made it easier to keep track of my spending. It also let’s me know of good sales in my area.
Al S.
I have complete vision loss, and this app allows me to check my balance independently whenever I choose. [Without the app,] I would have to depend on someone to help me check my balance.
Alexandria K.
Helps keep track of my spending and let’s me know my balance at all times. Plus the advertising is fun and tailored for those of us with limited income.
Allan K.
It’s easy and manageable, and I can simply click on the application to check my balance, when wifi is available…
Alvin B.
It’s been so great for me!! Love it! Instead of having to call and type and say all the numbers etc, I can just go into my app and it’s right there real quick and I can keep up with how much I have without having to keep receipts!! Just loveeeee it!!!
Amanda C.
It helps me keep up with my spending, and I can use the app for my coupons also!
Amanda D.
It’s nice to be able to see my balance immediately.
Amanda P.
Yes it makes my life just a lil bit easier… with having 4 kids, I’m busy!
Amanda R.
It saves me the time of calling in to check my balance. With just the tap of a button, I can review my balance, past transactions, and weekly budget.
Amber B.
It’s easy to keep up with how much you have.
Amber D.
It is just so time consuming to call and check your balance. With the app, it’s so much easier to just open it and see my balance. It’s hassle free and I love it.
Amelia D.
This app is wonderful!! For the first time I’m easily able to budget and make my grocery money stretch further. I’ve also been able to apply to jobs right on the app!
Amie H.
It’s wonderful. I keep track of everything now.
Amy G.
It’s convenient rather being long on a hotline.
Amy J.
Fresh EBT has given me the support I needed during a difficult time in my life. Putting food on the table for my children without stress and worry about how I would pay for it has enabled me to slowly build my life back.
Amy S.
It has saved me so much time instead of making the call and punching in my digits just to check my balance.
Ana M.
First off, the Fresh EBT app is much easier then calling the number behind the card. It is very modern and estimates your weekly budget. Cal Fresh has gave me an opportunity to buy fresh produce and change the way I eat for my kids and I. I am grateful because the app also has a calculated of foods and near buy groceries that accept Cal Fresh. Cal Fresh is temporary for me since I go to school, part time work and rely on graduating so I can succeed.
Ana Z.
I can keep track of my balance.
Andra V.
This site is so easy to click on and it loads the amount right away instead of having to call the card or go through a process to look online. This app/site is so much easier and way better. A lot of people use it for the fact its fast and easy. Its the best site yet.
Andrea D.
It makes it a lot easier to check my balance without having to dig out my card from my bag or be embarrassed pulling it out in public.
Andreea C.
Using the Fresh EBT app has helped me tremendously. Instead of having to call and use the automated system, all I need to do is open up the app and see my balance.
Angel A.
I just started using it last month so I can easily keep track of balance without calling 800#.
Angel C.
It makes budgeting and checking my balances 1000% more easier and efficient.
Angela B.
[The app] helps keep better track of what we spend and where and budget it for the month.
Angela P.
It has made my life a lot easier to check my balance and budget money for food.
Angela W.
I love it makes life easy to check my balance and where I spend my card. We love this app.
Angeline C.
Using the Fresh EBT app has impacted my EBT use in a positive way. I am able to easily check my balance, use resources provided by the app and also stay on budget.
Angelique P.
Using this app helps people feel not so embarrassed… The app gives comfidentiality something the government strives for.
Anna N.
I like the app because I can track better where I spent my money and there’s also coupons that can be used to save more at the time of buying food."
This is app is so amazing. It has helped me so much. It is so cool to people especially the cashiers at the the supermarket checkout. It’s so much better than calling the number on the back of the card and putting in all my info every time. Also the rewards I can earn with the supermarkets your affiliated with is so awesome. So glad that I found this app. Thanks you guys so much for making my life so much easier with shopping and budgeting.
I’m forgetful and tend to misplace my receipts so this app helps keep my amount available at the touch of my phone screen.
Antoinette S.
April E.
It helps with shopping and makes it faster and easier. [Without Fresh EBT,] it’s harder to shop for food. I would write my list on paper and half the time I forget it at home. I take my phone everywhere I go.
April J.
Arista D.
It makes it very easy to check my balance even when in line at the grocery store.
Ashanta G.
It has impacted my life a lot. I am able to go straight to the app and check my balance instead of having to call the number all the time. Its very easy to excess and I enjoy it. It also helps me to save using the app.
Ashley G.
I love the app. It’s really good app.
Ashley H.
The app has helped so much. I know how much I have and saves me from calling every time to check.
Ashley M.
I help out so much with keeping fresh fruit and veggies for my kids. They love it
Ashley O.
After finding out about it this app has been very useful. Easy access and educational. Lots of people get the ease of access and also it introduces you to other helpful information and education on ways to save and spending for each week to stretch our benefits that I wasn’t aware of and I have personally applied to my lifestyle.
Ashley R.
It helps me by putting my worry at ease this way I can know my next pick up date even if I run out of minutes I know I can connect to Wi-Fi and just check the app. We are in the year of 2018 where everything is run buy an app whether it’s a car service banking or even getting our food this app has changed the way I view food stamps even with them having deals and or coupons on the app
Asia D.
It has help me keep track of what I’m spending . So, in a way it helps me budget. It’s simply keeping up with our balance, in’s and out’s, and there’s also a section that has job pop ups, which can be helpful for being trying to get off EBT.
Asia H.
Sooooo much faster & easier to be able to just look & see how much is left & what was spent where.
Audrey P.
Using Fresh EBT helps me to keep track of my balance and the stores that I can use my benefits at.
Ayisha P.
It saves time. Instead of calling and dialing numbers and not being able to hear what was said with children running around.
Fresh EBT keeps me updated on when I receive my benefit amount. It helps me learn how to budget my benefits, and it also keeps me updated on all the discounts and coupons.
Bianca G.
It’s has helped me to plan my meals and how I should make it last as long as I can.
Bobbie S.
I have been abandoned by both parents in high school. EBT has helped me to not just survive living, but also be able to accomplish things every kid and person is supposed to do. I graduated not only with an honors diploma, but I’m also attending college now. Where other people have the support of parents and family members, EBT has stepped in place to help me too. I am very thankful and blessed with this amazing resource and opportunity! I would have such a hard time budgeting my weekly-monthly spending and groceries [without the app]. I have learned how to make small costs affective and last a long time.
Bree K.
Its a lot easier when you have little ones at home trying to call the 1800 number is hard with crying babies or rambunctious toddlers
Brenda R.
It made it so much easier to find stores with coupons in my area and check my balance frequently without having to spend 5-10 minutes on the phone punching in numbers.
Bri M.
Very good. Helps me out in my balance and other things like healthy recipes.
Brian S.
It has impacted my life a whole lot… Let’s me know my balance before I go to the store.
Brionnia C.
It’s a huge Time Saver. If I want to check my balance fast, all I have to do is click the app. The resource information and recipes are very helpful as well. I love the FRESH EBT app!
Brittaney B.
I have a busy schedule so this helps me know what I have to work with when I go to the store.
Please allow the fresh EBT App to continue in new york state.. It’s an easy and simple way for someone like me.. I’m 23 years old and single mother of three so just a poke of an app to check my balance is easier then try to call the number and be able to hear what the machine is saying…
Brittany C.
Fresh EBT has been a great impact on my life. I can check my balance without calling on the phone. I can see where I last used my card and how much I spent. It helps me save a whole lot, I can use my shopping list when I forget what I came in the store [for]. I love Fresh EBT. It’s the best app I have on my phone
Brittany E.
This app allows people to access their accounts easily. It’s good for people who have a hard time working cell phones like the elderly or disabled.
Brittany P.
It helps me keep up with my food stamp balance when I don’t have phone service.
Brittney GM.
It easy to use.
Brooke S.
It always tells me my current balance when I need it and provides a weekly budget amount too.
Calissa P.
Honestly this app has been a godsend. Being able to easily keep track of my spending. Keep up on local store ads and not worry about having lost my receipt or having to call my card has been such a blessing. This app has made every day life so much easier.
Cami K.
I have found it an absolute must have app. Quick find resources tool. Can’t be without it now.
Carlos M.
This app has seriously helped me make it from stamp day to stamp day!! It keeps track and tells you how much you can spend a week. It really is amazing. I swear best app I have on my phone! I am a real person with 5 kids and it’s so hard to make food last as they are growing and eat more and more. So with this app I can keep it healthy eating, as well as fruits and veggies, and keep in my budget each week. It really has been a blessing to have.
Carolyn M.
It’s very good to have cause you don’t have to call the hotline.
Cassandra L.
It makes it easy to budget and see how much I spend. I love the recipes that pop up. It’s easy to use and a lot better then making a phone call to check balance.
Cassey K.
I like to see where I’m at in the month so that I can use my EBT wisely and not waste it on one trip to the grocery store.
Cat F.
It is way more convenient and lot easier to keep track of balance. This idea is very helpful and far less complicated to budget. For those that need a easy way to make life more helpful and less complicated and to keep track and budget as you go. Thanks for this app. So simple to use too!
Celina D.
It has helped me in many ways with my family. Me and my son have had it hard and this app gives me a little relief and helps me with day-to-day shopping with recipes and how to manage monthly budget. Before this app, [it] was quite hard so I must thank you for everything you guys have done. Without food stamps, I don’t know what I would do and this app has encouraged me and many ways as well especially with budgeting.
Charlie C.
It has great recipes for my family and I. It helped me to stay on budget with making groceries and I always know when my funds will be available and how much I have after each transaction.
Chemeckie A.
It really helps to be able to go on line real fast to see my balance when I’m at a store instead of have to call and push all the numbers in.
Cheri S.
It has really helped my family keep up with our balance. This program has helped big time after the hurricane. We where left practically homeless and this was able to help us feed our children while we are trying to put our lives back together.
Cheryl J.
It’s very beneficial to me and I check it almost 3 times a day.
Cheryl R.
I can look on here and not have to call the number. This is an amazing app. It helps manage my EBT and has coupons as well.
Cheyanne B.
When using this app, as you finish a purchase, you are immediately able to check your balance and it helps with managing how much you need to spend per week to keep you on budget.
Chris B.
Very easy to use & a way to keep track of your balance on your card
Chris W.
“It helps me to keep track of my balance and help me purchase fruits and vegetables and other food products at a discount price which is a huge plus”
Chrisnie O.
Helps me keep up with my balance.
Christian K.
It has made it a piece of cake to check my balance. Also the coupons section is amazing.
Christin G.
Using the Fresh EBT app has impacted my life by keeping track of my benefits in the palm of my hand. I can see how much I have left on my food stamps account or check what I need to buy with WIC. It is convenient and easy to use.
Christina D.
I love it. I know can go anywhere and get coupons. Plus I know how much I have without calling and I also find places near me which help out a lot. I love this app. Dont know what I would do with out it.
Christina G.
It helps me keep track of my food stamps. It’s easier then calling the number all the time.
Christine C.
Before Fresh EBT, I would have to constantly log onto the EBT website to get my balance (which only works sometimes) or call to see our food stamp balance. Using this app has made my life easier because when I’m in the store, I can keep track of my purchases easier while monitoring my weekly spending. It has helped me estimate my weekly costs and made our benefits stretch longer!
Christy M.
This app is cool. It helps me budget better so I don’t go over the amount that I set for us every time I go to the grocery store.
Chyna P.
Fresh EBT has offered me the convenience of being able to keep me updated on my balance and spending
Ciera G.
It’s very convenient to check my balance so that I can maintain and shop efficiently. Rather than trying to count and remember or keep receipts or make phone calls in the middle of the store to check the balance.
Cierra J.
This app is fantastic! You can check your SNAP balance anytime, see how much you’ve spent and where, make grocery lists and find recipes.
Cindy B.
Good cuz I don’t have to call my card.
Cindy H.
It is so much easier for me to know what I have in my account. I only get a small amount but it does help for the month.
Cindy K.
I don’t have to spend time logging in every time on the EBT website.
Colby N.
Its made it easy to check the balance in the checkout line to be sure i have the funds.
Corrie R.
This is the perfect app for this and it helps low income families get mobile promotions and gov assistance. Very convenient and easy. Also very accurate.
Cristina M.
Makes it a lot easier to check your benefits especially when the numbers on your card are not visible so your not able to call. It’s especially helpful. The app shows where the card is accepted in your area and fresh tips to eat healthy. It’s really a great app
Crystal D.
Helps keep me organized. It’s a good app too have.
Crystal T.
It me know how much I spend of my SNAP and when I lose my receipt, I can look on the app to show me my SNAP balance.
It’s easy to find out how much you have on the card. I like it because it also has WIC on it.
Danielle M.
Easy one click checking my balance with my memory loss and eye sight problem. It does not put a strain in trying to type and remember passwords.
Danielle P.
It’s a lot easier to keep track of how you spend your food stamps and it records every transaction. I love it.
Darlene C.
It’s very helpful to me to keep up with my balance of my food stamps.
Darlene D.
It makes it a lot easier to check my balance, especially when I’m shopping!
Dawn E.
Muy bien para la economía.
I can tell how much I get and the balance of what I got left. It a good app. I love it.
DeAndrea V.
Before I had the app, I was always having to call and check my balance. I would be in the middle of check out and have to call my card because I couldn’t tell them how much I had on my card. [Fresh EBT] makes it so much easier to check my balance so I don’t have to call anymore. I just punch a couple of numbers and I have the balance right on my phone.
Deanna G.
Tremendously now I’m unemployed and it helps so much …a blessing
It helps my children because we struggle monthly with bills. This is a wonderful way to help.
Debby C.
I can go to my phone with just a click and get my balance. Fresh EBT Rocks.
Dee M.
Being disabled, I only have 2 planned days a week to get shopping, lab work, diabetes classes, doctors appointments, and everyday life matters outside the house done. Fresh EBT helps me to have at handy access to my shopping list and my balance. It has become as important to me as my right hand. Thank you and hugs to the developers.
Dee R.
Tremendous. I can check my balance while I’m in the grocery store without having to call the toll free number.
Denise P.
Well let’s start with it shows coupons and that helps us save on our food stamps cards. It’s very beneficial.
Denise R.
Allows me to know balance at all times and offers coupons.
Destiny R.
Not all stores give a receipt with the balance on it because we’re so rural. It’s great to be able to check my balance so I can budget.
Diana K.
IT IS THE BEST APP EVER! Lets you know where you purchased from and the remaining balance
Awesome. There was an issue I sent email for assistance and got a reply and issue was fixed awesome job.
Dora R.
It makes it so much easier than calling the number because sometimes you can’t got threw and it easier than going to a website to find the right one keep up the good work on this app
Duane S.
It helps me keep track of what I am spending and what I am getting on my EBT card, and if I have a problem, it is easy to contact EBT. Love it
Dwana T.
Fresh EBT has made it easy for me to check my balance, find stores that accept EBT and it has so many other good finds, such has job hirings or how to budget accordingly.
I keep better track of my balance without having to actually call.
Ebony B.
It’s easier to keep track of when you are getting your benefits. It helps me keep track of how much I spend and where, plus it gives you coupons for products. I love it.
I found it very convenient to see my balance on my account from this app rather than remembering the amount off of the receipt after a purchase from the store. I like the calculator feature as well. …This app made knowing my remaining balance a breeze.
Edrianna S.
It easy for me to know how much I spent and when my deposit comes.
Einequa L.
I found it easy to use and more convenient.
Elizabeth H.
It is so helpful to me. I’m disabled person. It helps me balance out my food through out the month and save. Thanks so much. This app is very useful.
Elizabeth O.
I love how it gives me easy recipes to make for my family.
Elizabeth R.
It’s been a great app to have. Easier to keep track on how I use my food stamps wisely and can rely on an accurate balance every time I need it. It’s always been correct. Thank you very much for allowing me to take advantage of this. It really helps me make great choices…!!!
Ellani L.
It’s very easy to keep track on how much I spend, where I shop and the date I went shopping. It shows me where I can use the coupons and also shows recipes I can use.
Elsa D.
Es mucho mas fácil chequear cada transacción.
Elvia C.
It makes everything so much easier. Having 3 kids under 5, I don’t have to worry about if I can hear what my balance or transactions have been. I can see it right in front of me.
Erica T.
If I’ve lost my receipt, I have the app to look up my amounts.
Erika M.
I am able to track my account and see how my money is being spent right at my fingerprints.
Erin S.
I love it cause it’s easier to get my balance. Plus it has good recipes on it.
Erma WC
I don’t ever have to call and see how much it is on my card. I love it.
Ester C.
The Fresh EBT app has impacted my life so that I can check what I have on the go.
Eugene B.
Es mucho mas fácil.
Eva Z.
It has truly been a blessing. Before Fresh EBT, my family was not able to get fresh vegetables and fruits, but now, we can’t get enough. The app is incredible and easy to use. A must have.
Evie M.
It has helped me stay more aware of my spending habits and how I can stretch the amount I get and it helped answer questions that I would normally have to call and get the answer. Overall, it’s great to have this tool to help make our lives a little easier and less stressful.
Exmo G.
When you’re on food stamps and cash assistance like me, every penny counts and you need to stay on top of your remaining balances at all times. Fresh EBT makes it so easy to check my balances. Also, I like the offers, tips, and ads designed specifically for the frugal person.
Fabio F.
I don’t have to call the EBT company to find out my balance and now I can open the app with just one click.
Fabiola R.
It’s incredibly useful to have instantly available balances, next pay dates, and local shops where access cards can be used. Some stores I didn’t even know about. I’ve used this app and told many people about it. Everyone that has it loves it.
Faith H.
It’s amazing and it has help me budget and plan meals and recipes and [make] healthier choices.
Faiths C.
This app is very convenient, easy to use. It’s an excellent app. If I didn’t have the app I would be calling to check my balance, which took up too much time.
Faya J.
It keeps me up to date when I’m get my food stamps & helps me see my spending. It’s a amazing app thank you for the person who created this app! Great job
Fernando P.
I like the quick easy access to see what has been spent and where and what amount you have left.
Freedom H.
Recipes, great! Receipts, don’t need them! Help me locate stores in different areas I don’t know about. I LOVE IT AND RECOMMEND IT TO MY FRIENDS THAT HAVE EBT.
Finding and using Fresh EBT has made our lives so much easier. I can simply login and instantly check my card status, find coupons, and plan our trip to the store and not worry about going over our budget!
Gary P.
Having Fresh EBT saves me time when I am rushing around to figure out what I need to buy to fix fresh and delicious meals.
Geraldine B.
It’s very convenient. [Without Fresh EBT,] I would have to call it all the time which is time consuming.
Gina V.
Really great app because I have in my hand the balance of my EBT card. So easy to use.
Gricelda O.
It helps me better keep track of my spending. It has made me more responsible with my food stamps!
Haley R.
Easy to use very organized. Helps with locations who take EBT.
Haniyfa B.
It has helped me keep a budget to make our money last through the month. It’s quick to open and show me my balance instead of trying to call my card etc. Also, I have found some pretty awesome recipes!
Hannah S.
It has made shopping so much easier for me. All I have to do is look on my phone for my balance. A lot more faster then having to call the automated number.
Harvey H.
It helps me keep up with my balance and also coupons for better deals.
Heather O.
Makes getting my balance without using minutes easier.
Heather R.
It has help so much… I can keep track of my spending so much better. This app is easy to use and great for when you’re in a hurry. Love this app.
Heaven S.
It has really made it easier to keep track of your food stamps then to keep trying to look on receipts. So you know exactly how much you got and what to spend when you go into a store to get your groceries.
Holly J.
Howard C.
It has helped out so much because I can see what I’m spending the money on and I don’t have to call to check balance. I can see where the money is being spent. Thank you.
It has been a lot easier to check the app.
Ida A.
Quick and easy access to my balance and very informative! I love it!!
Imola H.
This is something all EBT users needed and it was never around. This helps me by making it so convenient to check balance before shopping! It offers so much help on saving and it helps us organize everything. I can go on and on! This is one of the best apps in the app store! We all have waited on something like this for years, and its helping us all in many ways! This is something all EBT users needed and it was never around. This help me by making it so convenient to check balance before shopping! It offers so much help on saving and it helps us organized everything. I can go on and on! This is one of the best apps in the app store!
Jacqueline J.
I know exactly what’s on my card without having to call the number.
James D.
I don’t have to call. I just use this app.
Janeea S.
It’s easier to keep track of my balance versus calling.
Janelle M.
The convenience of checking your balance through an app is amazing. I do everything online so this was perfect. Also, the feature Fresh EBT offers providing recipes and a grocery list is so helpful. It makes meal planning so much easier. My favorite though is the feature that helps budget your spending. It tells you how much to spend a week so the food stamps last all month. This app has been the best. Thank you so much!!!
Jassie A.
Love it!!
Jen P.
It’s easier to check my balance. It takes longer to check the balance by phone.
Jenifer P.
It has helped so much. I do not need to use cash and I can just use my food stamps without being ashamed from getting help from the state.
Jenilee G.
So much easier to view balance, has coupons, and advice on how to spend.
Jenn l.
It helps to see what I have left faster. [Without Fresh EBT,] I wouldn’t get to see what food is out there or get to see where the fruit stations are.
Jennie B.
It has made shopping for my family easy and keeping track of our balance super easy too.
Jennifer A.
Has made it so much easier. And also checking your funds and so on.
Jennifer Grill
It helps me keep track of my EBT account and how much I spend and to make healthy meals. It helps so many families to keep track of our benefits and to make healthier meals and to get the most of our benefits.
Jennifer J.
I’m a single struggling mom. Anything that makes my life any easier is greatly appreciated. This app does miracles for me from my balance and the great recipes. I love it!!! Please don’t ge t rid of this app!!! It is such a pain to have to find time to call and go thru entering ur card number the app is boom right there so easy accessible. Please please please keep this app!!
Jennifer N.
Well it has helped me a lot. I don’t go over my food stamps every time I use my card it tells me how much I have left. Please do not take this away people like me find this app very useful.
Jennifer P.
Tengo más control en mis compras. [Sin la app,] se me hace más complicado verificar mi balance.
It helps me a lot. Instead of having to call to check my balance, I just go in the app.
Jessica C.
This app is just as important as any bank app.
Jessica D.
It helps me get the veggies that I normally couldn’t get before.
Jessica E.
I love having the app. Easier than calling and typing in my number and waiting.
Jessica F.
I no longer have to guess what I have left or find my last receipt. I can now get my balance and keep a budget any time I want.
Jessica J.
It helps me keep track of my cash and food stamps while I’m shopping. I can easily pay bills and buy food without going over. I can also look up yummy recipes that my kids will love and eat. There’s always coupons for the stores I shop at.
Jessica M.
It’s helped me budget better and makes it easier for me to get and know my balance faster and more conveniently.
Jessica N.
This app is wonderful helps me spend just the right amount on items, helps me look for local farmers markets. They also have advice about other information that you might need to know about, like health insurance, cell phones, tax services etc. I love it.
Jessica R.
It helps people with low incomes to see how much you have left and it works great.
Jesssica C.
Es bueno no tener que hacer una llamada para saber tu saldo
Easy and perfect to check my balance.
Jilaanta K.
Helps keep me aware of my food allowance and has a lot of ways to save me money! I’d say, unless you’re living on food stamps, you fail to understand the benefits this app has had on my life since using it!
Jimmy W.
Very useful. This is one of my best apps on my cell.
Joan K.
[Without Fresh EBT,] it would be harder to keep track of spending and I would miss out on possible resources or helpful hints or recipes.
Joanne B.
It has really helped me get through the day.
Jodi E.
I like this app better than calling my card.
Joel V.
It is convenient. It tells you how much you spent and have and all that. It’s good to have.
Johna J
This app allows me to not go over budget and be embarrassed in the check out line while getting groceries.
Jonnymae W.
Its helped me avoid calling the 888 number also i am able to see my balance and add items to my shopping list and as i add items it shows me what my balance would be.
Jose H.
Much better.
Jose l.
It has made my life a hell of a lot less stressful, and I honestly think there should be more apps made because this app is precise and very on point. Thank you for making one EBT holder very happy. Keep up the great work. You’re awesome.
Joseph M.
Fresh EBT app has made it really easy for me to check my Balance. Picking up my tablet and pressing 1 button to check my balance is much easier than having to type the 19 digit card number. This is especially easier for those of us with Mobility problems.
Joseph P.
It helps me out a lot.
I always know my current balance, where to shop, and coupons to stretch my spending.
Josh K.
It is good app because i can know when my money or snap coming and i dont have to call to know my balance
Joyce A.
Helps me keep track of how much I spend and how much I have. It also gives me a budget so it will make it all month. It really is awesome.
Juanita S.
I love the convenience of being able to click on one button in able to see and manage everything with one click… This app, I think, helps a lot of people they don’t have to worry about going into the store and trying to remember of punch in a phone number to find that how much food stamps they have left and be embarrassed because they don’t have enough to pay for what they got.
Judy H.
Fresh EBT app has prevented the embarrassment of going to buy groceries and either having not received benefits on my card or not having enough to cover the amount then making other customers annoyed by waiting until items are removed.
Julia H.
This app is helpful in numerous ways. It keeps track of how much I’ve spent, and where it was spent. It has a grocery list, which is very convenient because I usually forget to bring the one I’ve written out on paper. Either that or I lose it. It also has a bunch of healthy recipes, along with coupons to use at certain stores. There’s even more in the app than I’ve listed here. I can’t think of any reason not to use this app. They, the developers, did a great job. Thanks developers!
Julie S
It [Fresh EBT] definitely has made it so much easier to check my balance especially with an 11 year old, nine year old, and a newborn. [Without Fresh EBT,] it would just make life a lot more hectic and I wouldn’t be able to find sales because I definitely don’t have time to do that.
Julie S.
Makes it easier to check my balance and keep track of what I have spent instead of signing in to the EBT website all the time
Kaitlyn P.
It’s great to show me on budgeting weekly how much I should spend, that way I can use my amount in a smarter way.
Karen G.
Helps a lot with groceries and feeding the family.
Kari M.
It’s still good for keeping track of your stamps while your shopping, instead of going through the 15 minute process of calling the number to check or keeping a receipt. [Without Fresh EBT,] I’d have a million receipts and be running out or be standing at the register saying, “I’m so sorry I must not have saved the right receipt I thought I had more left.”
Karissa H.
It helps and shows me how much I get each month, instead of calling the number on the back of my EBT card. The app is very helpful.
Katherine G.
It is really convenient cause I check it the day of the 9th early in the morning and my stamps are always there. I can’t keep a job so the stamps really help cause I have 2 teenagers to feed and with me not being able to keep a job, it really helps me.
Kati P.
It’s easy on-the-go balance.
Katlynn M.
Saved me money.
Kay T.
Fresh EBT has impacted my life by making it convenient to check my card without the phone automatic voice that picks up every sound and have to hang up and do it all over again. As well as it can teach how much you spend and where you spent it. Also has all coupons on there. I love it.
Kayla K.
It makes it easy to check my EBT balance and it also has coupons for the places I shop the most.
Kaylea H.
Using the Fresh EBT app has helped keep things simple for me. As a mom to two children who works full time and in college full time, this app helps me know my budget and plan ahead.
Keisha L.
It’s a good app. It knows what I spend and have left.
Kellie B.
This is a very convenient app as it keeps you informed of your balance so that you don’t have to call every time you want to go shopping or keep up with receipts. We always have our phone with us so it’s easy just to pull the app up and look. It’s a wonderful app.
Kelly P.
It makes it so much easier to check my balance at the line and see my spending history.
Kelly S.
Using Fresh EBT app impacted my life by making it easier to check my balance instead of driving to the store wasting gas.
Keomi S.
It has made checking my balance quick easy and hassle free. Thanks Fresh EBT!
Kevin C.
Helps me budget.
Kevin l.
It has made it so much easier to know exactly what I have on my card! No calling and putting in the number or anything! Just hit the icon and seconds later I know exactly how much I have and what I can spend.
Kim M.
[It] helps me a lot and it also keeps me from going through so much, and it really helps people that are disabled or very sick.
Kimaco R.
Fresh EBT has made a huge difference in my grocery shopping and spending experience. The app lets me keep track of my spending, as well as knowing my balances at the drop of a hat. I really am thrilled it has connections to money saving ways like coupons. This is an outstanding app I use constantly.
Kimberly W.
I am more cautious about my spending, and can stretch my benefits with conscience budgeting.
I’m always on the go. Having this app makes it easier to keep track of my balance.
Kristen B.
This helps us budget what we get.
Kristopher C.
It will be a life changer for me and help me choose the right way to shop and eat better.
It’s amazing!! So much easier than having to type numbers every time I check my card.
Lacrishia L.
I love it. It’s so easy to use and it helps you keep track of your spending
Lakeeshia G.
It has helped me on keeping track of what I spend, and the recipes HELP me to plan meals.
Larry D.
I am truly truly blessed and appreciative to have [SNAP benefits] available to me & with having the app. I am able to balance my stamps as well as find good deals a job leads! All with a touch of a button. Awesome!
LaShundra N.
To me, using Fresh EBT helps a lot because you can eat more healthy then eating junk food. My family is on it a lot and it helps for people that is trying to change their life for the best.
Latoya C.
It’s easier to access in stores to check your balance before a transaction.
Laura B.
It has really helped because now I can look up my balance on the go! It’s saved a lot of time!
Laura H.
EBT app is very convenient for me because I can see my balance as well as different recipes and saving coupons. I can also manage how much I spend each month and try to do some adjustments on how I spend my benefits. This app really helped me in my day to day life.
Lavonne P.
It keeps me updated on my food stamps.
Leslie H.
It’s became very useful in my life because I can just pull my phone out and push a button and I get all my information
Leslie M.
Very handy. Don’t need to call 1-800. Thank you for your support.
Lillian D.
I think it is the best way to keep track of your balance on the go.
SO MUCH EASIER. Because I can keep up with what I spend and I don’t have to call or purchase something to get the balance. Best app ever. Thanks.
Linda P.
It helps keep track of spending and gives ideas and coupons.
Lisa K.
…Fresh EBT is a need, expecially for people that can’t call on there phone or hear. How else would they be able to know there balance unless they see it?
Lisa P.
It is really convenient, helps with spending and transactions, also has other stuff that useful such as job information.
Lisa W.
Makes it more convenient than having to call and check my balance every shopping trip. It makes it easier not having to call all the time and the coupons help.
Liz S.
Very good. This app shows me everything I want to know.
Less calling to see what you have left. Now it’s just a push of a button and it tells what is left.
Lolita E.
It helps track our spending, offers coupons, and gives us an average of how much to spend on a weekly basis to make our snap benefits last through the entire month.
Londa D.
Makes it easier to see how much benefits I have and have used and helps find stores.
Lor E.
It’s so much easier to just look and see what I have then calling a number. Plus I like that it give me a budget amount for the week.
Loretta A.
It makes it so much easier for me to: 1. know my expected date to receive benefits; 2. make my list from using this app as well as shop along with it to eliminate items that I’ve already purchased; 3. coupon in digital form from various participating markets. It’s just excellent. I love it and personally don’t want to live without it!
Lorraine C.
Having this app really makes it very convenient to not have to call and find your card and get the number. It’s easier to just push a button. You get how much you spent, how much you have, and when your benefits will be deposited.
Lorraine M.
I no longer get disappointed when at the register & my grocery list is on the app.
Lovely S.
Using this app, I can make my shopping list and pull up stores that have a sale on an item I am purchasing.
Lynette l.
Fresh EBT app impacted my life in all matters because if I didn’t use it, when hurricane Maria destroyed all, I’d never knew how much money was in my account.
M. M.
So much easier. I can check it at work then grab what I need and not be on the phone.
Machaela L.
Its extremely convenient and easy to use. It makes my shopping trips less stressful not having to call to check my balance or wait to swipe my card to check. It gives me the locations of where I can use it anywhere I go and gives me tips on how to budget. As a mother of 4 young kids, going good shopping is stressful as it is. Having this app help make it 90% less stressful and it’s easy to access.
It has been very helpful in letting the cashier know that I do have my benefits, plus it helps me keep a track of my benefits. Plus I love the other parts of the app. Thank you for all you are doing and please keep up the good work.
Maggie E.
Ya no tengo el problema de verificar mis balances. Además llevo un registro de donde hago mis compras.
Maria L.
Para organizar mis compras. Será difícil [sin la app].
Maria M.
Easier to keep track of balances and spending and great recipe ideas.
Maria N.
It’s very helpful and easy to keep track of my Shopping list and expenses at my fingertips. Great app. Thanks.
Maria R.
I love this app. It is very easy to just hurry up on the go keeping up with how much I have left on my Link & shows me places where they do accept Link .
Mariah H.
I know my balance and the app help me budget the month. This app is really helpful.
Marshelle L.
Easy to check my balance and it also gives healthy recipes and how to budget your stamps wisely.
Martina H.
Using an quick easy app is much easier then calling an 800 number and waiting thru all the prompts and numbers. Without the app the process of checking my benefits would be much longer and stressful.
Mary J.
It is just so much easier to keep track of balance and spending and any info shared is an added plus… having this app has made my life so much easier!!
Mary l.
This has been a great thing for many of us single parents. Tt offers us fresh food ideas to keep our families healthy, and also keeps up on many deals in our area so we our food last longer in our homes.
Mary S.
Fresh EBT has completely revolutionized the way that I buy just about everything my family needs. Not only can I instantly see my remaining food benefits balance, I can see where I spend them and the in-app ads and suggestions are actually relevant to me and my spending. FreshEBT incorporates all of the best and most useful mobile coupon options available wherever I may be directly from within the app so I can manage my budget, find the best deals, and see only the most relevant information about my food benefits balance without having to ever leave the app. No more need for a different app for every store. Almost all of them are integrated into Fresh EBT. It’s simply the best!
Matthew G.
I can see immediately what my balance is. I can check what the transactions are. It gives you a weekly budget so your food stamps will last all month which is AWESOME! This app is overall the best!
Matti B.
You used to have to call to check your balance and deposit dates. Now it’s easy to track your deposits, balance, and transactions all in one place and see [them] visually.
Maureen Q.
It’s a very useful app. I check my food stamps every day to know my spending and how can I make it to the end of the month.
Mayada H.
[The app] has helped with making my EBT last a little longer durning the month. It was such a pain and, not to mention it took forever, to call the number just to get a balance.
Megan L.
I have a hard time calling to check.
Melegalenu S.
It has helped me survive by being able to have food.
Melissa A.
It makes managing my EBT transactions so much easier. I love this app.
Melissa B.
Helps me know my balance and better budget my money. [Without Fresh EBT,] I would spend more than I should and run out before months end.
Melissa F.
It allows me to know how much I have and load days amount. It helps me keep track of spendings and where when what time day and how much was spent. I am disabled and sometimes can’t go to the store so it also tells me what was spent, where, when, how much if I send my family or friends to the store for me and it shows discounts coupons at stores I shop at. I love this app recommend it to everyone I know.
Melissa P.
I can see how much food stamps I have without call the card.
Melissa S.
I love it. It is a all in 1 balance, planner, prep, it helps you learn and utilize your EBT Benefits the best healthiest way with your budget… I’d be lost without it.
Melissa V.
It is very helpful as now do not call in save time on the app! Thank you very much!
Melvin S.
It’s so good and useful. This is app is good.
It is a pain to have to call all the time to see what I have left. It [Fresh EBT] allows me to know for sure when my EBT is on the card so I can buy the food I need and if I only spend a little, it tells me what is left so I don’t over spend. Also gives me a list of what and where I have spent it. It is a valued asset to my spending history.
Michael T.
In all honesty, it helps me know what I have. I look at the amount that is put onto my card and know my babies will be able to [eat]. And no, I don’t mean junk food. I mean good healthy food. This app helps me with my EBT and shows me what I’ll have left after what is bought. Best app ever.
Michaela C-D
This has made keeping track of my food money so much easier. It sets a weekly budget for me, along with coupons to help me save money so that I can buy more food for my family. This has helped me tremendously.
Michele A.
It helps me keep track of my EBT purchases & my EBT balance every month & after every purchase. It’s much more convenient than calling the Link phone number… I love to use it. It’s very easy to use!!!
Michele L.
I love knowing exactly how much I have in my account automatically.
Michelle C.
Best app ever.
Mike Johnson R.
Hitting a rough patch in life can be stressful. Especially when a basic needs are affected, such as food. The Fresh EBT app saves time and stress by easy access to my balance on the spot.
Mimi W.
I can easily check my balance without having to through a website with multiple clicks and entries or even when calling. It saves time. It helps a lot when you are a busy parent on the go with kids. With one click I can check and see everything I need to quickly.
Monica L.
I love Fresh EBT because I no longer have to wait and dial extensions because everything is right where I need it in the app. Super fast refresh.
Montana M.
I am glad to have this app. Sometimes I get confused with how much I have left. [Without the app,] I would likely over spend.
Nancee T.
I have been at the store & had to call & check my balance with the app the balance shows in a touch of the button
Nancilynne B.
It helps keep track of my food stamps. I have been able to see what I have to use.
Nancy L.
I can only get my balance off of this app. I have had my card for a while and all the numbers rubbed off of it. If it was not for this app, I would never know that I got my benefits and exactly how much I’d on my card. It is the greatest. It give recipes and all kinds of helpful info.
Nancy M.
I love this app. It helps me keep updated in my balance every time I purchase something. I don’t have to call the card no more and wait for like 5 minutes to figure out my balance.
Natalia S.
It has made it super easy to check food stamps balance.
Natasha P.
Makes it very convenient and easy to use.
Nathan D.
It’s impacted my life in such an easier and less stressful way. It’s just one click and it shows me my cash and food and how much I have left. It offers coupons, recipes, all stores that take EBT, and best thing about it is, is you can calculate how much your spending at the store each time… Also, the app has receipts to so you don’t have to keep the real ones unless you wanna.
Nicole B.
I am able to feel secure knowing that I can always track my deposits and expenses in real time. It helps me plan and follow budget while giving me insight into better spending!
Nicole H.
It has made it way easier to check things rather than having to call.
Nicole T.
I really like it. It’s very useful.
Nisha D.
To keep in charge of how much is on it. Like it. Thanks.
Norma D.
It very convenient instead of having to go thru the steps on the dailpad of a phone… I very much like it, and hopes that it will continue. Thank you FRESH EBT.
Norma J.
This has been the best app for EBT. This app has been so helpful finding markets, calculating my spending, and also keeping track on my balance and my next deposits.
Obethia C.
It’s very convenient. It’s useful and great with making your shopping list and keeping up with what you spent and knowing your balance at all times without having to call the card.
Olin M.
I have no income, health is bad and it’s the way I can buy something to eat. I’m 64 years old so it’s a big help. [The app is] so convenient too keep tack and plan my shopping.
Orlando G.
It’s more easier to know the amount is on my food stamp card.. that’s why I think this app is so awesome…
Pamela H.
It makes it easy to check my balance no matter where I am and no need to keep receipts and trying to remember which one is current.
Patricia C.
It makes it a lot easier to keep up with purchases and you’re not guessing what your balance is.
Patricia M.
It’s a great app and its easy to use. It lets me keep track of my spending.
Patrick B.
Es mas fácil.
Perla G.
This app makes my family’s life a lot easier. It’s much easier to open the app up and have my balance within seconds as opposed to spending 5 minutes on the phone.
Phillip G.
This is one of the best apps I’ve ever used because it helps keep track of my spending and give you options to save money. My daughter in law introduced me to this app. I have recommended it to all my friends and family.
I can keep up with my balance, make a shopping list, and it gives me a weekly budget.
Porsha E.
It has helped me keep track of my balance & save money for my family. [Without Fresh EBT,] I’d have to fumble around trying to balance my phone & EBT card to get the balance to see how much I can spend on groceries & possibly drop either the phone or card & cry in the process.
Precious B.
It helps keep track of my spending and helps me save more. Also it has all the great grocery shopping deals.
Precious T.
Easy way to track my balance. Good recipes. Good suggestions on spending and notifications when stuff is on sale. Help with coupons. All around a useful app.
Priscilla P.
It is much easier to manage my balance and the shopping list feature is very helpful.
Rachel W.
Randee A.
Less stress, makes it easier to not worry about having to call for your balance.
It’s very helpful and it lets you know when your benefits are available.
Renea S.
Fresh EBT has impacted my life by always keeping me aware of my balance immediately. Fresh EBT also shows other services in my community which may help me save. Fresh EBT also budgets my benefits helping to make them last through out the month. Its so convenient having this app at the touch of my fingers. I love it and made my friends download it as well.
Renell L.
It’s easy, simple, & quick.
Robin Y.
It helps me keep up with my balance and let me know when I have money available.
Robyn H.
It’s a lot easier than calling. And I can see all of my transactions so I never worry about going over. I also use the coupons. I was able to pair this app with the stores I’m able to shop at. It saved not only time but a few dollars.
Rochelle W.
It helps a lot. It helps me keep track of how much we spend on food.
Rocio S.
Simplifies everything!
Rodney B.
Me ha resultado útil para puedo ver mis balances y que compro en el supermercado y que cosas me cobran.
Rosemarie C.
You can keep up with what you spend and it helps you not go over your budget.
Roy T.
Checking my balance is easier and quicker. I’m not able to read my card numbers quickly enough to check my balance over the phone.
Ryan W.
It has helped me out so much and helps me manage what stuff I get for me and my son.
Sabrina B.
It keeps me updated on my balance, and is so useful for when I can’t get a receipt. It is very helpful and I am glad that I downloaded the app. And I use it daily.
Samantha B.
It has helped me keep up to date on what I have on my EBT card when I misplace receipts, and shows me local farmers markers [where] I’m able to use it at for fresh produce. It makes day to day life for single parents like myself easier. Its hard to make sure everything gets done. Housework, work, and taking care of the kids. This app helps us keep track of things.
Samantha C.
It is very easy to use. And gives me the information I need faster than making a phone call.
Samantha G.
It has been extremely useful! I love it.
Samantha P.
The app tells you exactly what you spent your money on. It tells you your balance and it also helps you to remember the items that you wanted to get and let’s you know how much you will have left if you were to purchase those item. It also helps you with helpful information. Such as pantries, daycare, coupons and other very useful information that can possibly help out in so many ways.
Samara J.
It makes it easier to check my food stamp balance. It’s a lot better being able to use Fresh EBT on my phone than having to call in and enter my card number.
Samuel K.
I get great offers that I can’t get any where else even if I looked for them online. I get good food ideas to do for dinner as well
Sandy R.
Helps me better control my monthly budget. I really enjoy using the app… I rely on it.
Sarah B.
It help keep track of balance and helps with saving money. This app helps a lot.
Sarah D.
Made it so much easier to keep up with my balance… It also has helped me budget.
Sarah R.
I love the fact that I can get my balance very quick using the app. Cause calling the info number and then having to enter all the info is in no way helpful. Plus its great when you don’t have enough to cover everything with EBT card so then you can tell the cashier which helps them out a lot too.
Saundra B.
It’s been a huge help to keep up with my money. Fresh EBT helps us people, who are parents, keep up with our stamps.
Savanna R.
It makes it so much easier to keep track of my stamps. Just love this app.
Scott S.
It has helped me find great prices near by so I can get my son the nutrition he needs.
Selena R.
It helps me keep track of my spending and more.
Easier to check my card and gives you coupons and other things I wouldn’t of found without it.
Shala B.
It’s a lot easier to keep track of the food stamps you spend.
Shanda E.
It helps me budget my shopping and keep up with savings and how much I have on my account. It is so helpful to me. I didn’t know about budgeting until I got this app.
Shaniqwa W.
Shanitta R.
It has came in handy a lot, especially for single mothers. It has helped by saving money on groceries, for emergency bills.
Shaquana L.
Saves time. Because I no longer need to call for my balance.
Shawn F.
Before a friend told me about this app I had to call the number to find my balance. I had to call because they stopped sending texts. Although even the texts only showed when funds were available each month. This app is really a time saver as it shows current balance and much more.
Shawn O
Great. Love seeing how much I spend and where.
Shawnette R.
Because it’s more convenient than calling the balance hotline, and being unable to hear. I love that it’s simple to use, easily laid out and self explanatory.
Shawneé M.
It let’s me know my balance with out having to take my card out. It also shows who takes EBT cards and how to save when I shop. I’m a single mother with seizures and this helps me remember my balance and much more.
Shawnique G.
Makes it 100% easier to keep up with what I’m spending.
Shayla J.
It is much quicker and easier to see what my available funds are and where I’ve spent along with having coupons realist available with great meal ideas as well!
Shayla K.
Has made it so much easier to access my balance. No more calling and holding onto receipts. Love the budgeting tool as well.
Sheila P.
I don’t have to wait on the phone and put in my long number to get my balance and see my spending
Shelia J.
It is wonderful! Here are all the things I do on a weekly basis, at the minimum: 1. Check my balance at anytime. 2. Check previous purchases at any time. 3. I can generate a grocery list prior to shopping. 4. The app offers money saving tips including savings programs but they contribute to many other miscellaneous features monthly.
Sheryl N.
Helped to keep track of how much I have spent. It has been real helpful to me and my family. I really enjoy using this app.
Shonna B.
Using Fresh EBT, I can go on the app to see my balance and I don’t have to call to check how much I have.
Shshawna G.
Let’s me keep better track of my spending and encourages me to budget better.
Shureka B.
It makes it easier to know how much foodstamps and money I have on my card.
Shyanne J.
It helps me keep track of my available balance and the purchases I have made.
Silvia H.
Honestly I love the app. I also love Hawaii’s new EBT cards. They look more modern. I just love know how much I have on type card with out having to look at the receipt.
Sithaku R.
Because being a single mom isn’t easy. Even with a job there still isn’t enough money for groceries for a whole month. I love this app because it makes it simple and easy instead of calling and typing all those numbers.
Stacey W.
Helps me save money.
Staci V.
Pretty cool.
Stanley C.
Fresh EBT does more than show available balance. Nearby food markets, orchards, internet programs, suggested spending, and detailed listing of transactions.
Starr B.
It has helped me tremendously when I’m in a rush and need to know my balance right away.
Staycia R.
As a single mother of four children, working full time trying to make ends meet.. the EBT card has been a blessing to my children and I. If it wasn’t for the help we would go weeks without any food. I normally spend a little extra in cash on top of my EBT for food every month. I work full time and pay all my bills and take car of my children with no help, no child support or cash asst. So the little help I am able to get with the EBT is like a gift from heaven.
Steffi L.
It helps to know how much you have on your card.
Stephanie C.
It helps a lot with keeping a budget.
Stephanie D.
It is a go to for any questions or concerns you may have… Also coupons are the best way to stretch your EBT budget.
Stephanie H.
I don’t have to call the card to know the balance. I can look at my phone for the balance.
Stephanie K.
I have been using this app since I found out about it and I love it. It is very easy to use and I love the idea of the suggestions for the amount of money that I can use to stay in the budget.
Steve O.
It is very handy in need. Love having the recipes and budget planning it has. It keeps track of all my expenses. Fresh EBT is the best and helps a lot of people.
Suzanne B.
It helps me to use my FS wisely by trying to stay close to the the weekly limit set and coupons that are provided.
Suzanne E.
I like it. You don’t have to call the 1-888 number to get your balance… It’s at the palm of your hands.
Syeda H.
This app is very helpful and accurate. You can see your balance right away. I love it.
Sylvia A.
Fresh EBT is very good for me. Before I had to keep track myself so I don’t have to call and check on the amount. Now I just gotta tap the app and there it is. So cool. It’s better.
EBT clients are doing their very best to support and feed their family every month. This app keeps us up to date on what is available in our account and provides tools to help us budget and spend wisely.
Tam S.
I used to have to keep each receipt for the balance on my card or call the number on back, but now I can go in the app and all the info I need is right there.
Tamatra B.
It better helps me organize and budget while I’m shopping.
Tameka M.
It has impacted my life because I can look on the app instead of calling the card to check my balance.
Tamela T.
It’s easy and convenient to open app and have real-time information. Thanks.
Tami M.
I am no longer embarrassed when their system’s down and I can look my total up right away a tap of a button… and helps me budget a little easier. All in all good app.
Tamika P.
It’s lot easier to see if you have any food stamps on your EBT card.
Tammy P.
It helps me to keep within my balance when I have to buy specialty foods to improve my immune system that can be costly. I have had a hard time in the past keeping up with my receipts and ended up spending too much at the beginning of the month then not having funds the last week…
Tawnya C.
I can now know my balance at my fingertips, which helps the line from being held up at the grocery store.
Tee W.
Fresh EBT is definitely a time saver. I enjoy how it breaks your monthly amount into a budget. It also allows you to check your balance without making a phone call and having to put your card numbers in. All you have to do is open the app. [Without Fresh EBT,] I sure wouldn’t be on a budget.
Teresa C.
I can check my balance without having to call and wait for all prompts, it’s so convenient.
Terri F.
1. I can depend on it if I want the balance. 2. If any questions, just go into the app. 3. Easier. Don’t have to call every time. I just open my phone, click on Freash EBT, [and] there it is.
Terribly yTrrri A.
It’s impacted my life very well because I don’t need to save my receipts to know the balance on my card. Anytime of the day if I want to know the balance, where my last transactions went to all I need to do is open my Fresh EBT app.
Terrie M.
I don’t have to keep calling to check my balance. I can just go on the app and look.
Terrionna W.
Prior to using the app, I shopped around and never knowing how much I had on my card made it difficult. Now I’m able to use the monthly budget amount each week. I also save money with coupons or discount cards I access on the app. I used the app the other day and I knew my balance before I checked out, I was able to make a list of what I needed and which stores had the items on sale. So for me, this app has made a HUGE DIFFERENCE IN HOW I UTILIZE MY SNAP BENEFITS. THANK YOU.
Terry S.
It’s much much easier to check my balance and keep up with where my money went. It also encourages healthy shopping. I love it. Most people use smart phones, not home computers. [The EBT] site also makes you put in double information every single time you check.
Tess D.
It’s easier to check balance and keep up with status.
Tevin L.
It makes it easier to keep track ox your spending and helps manage and budget from month to month!!
Teyeka W.
I dont have to keep the receipt to know how much I have left on my EBT card.
Theresa S.
It’s all about convenience and it gets no easier than this app.
Thomas M.
It’s made it a lot easier to plan a trip to the store. The recommended weekly budget is an eye opener on how to plan meals better.
Tia H.
Best app.
Tiff B.
It makes life easier knowing what’s being spent.
Tiffiney M.
The app is a great easy way to keep track of of your balance and transaction. It also has given great ideas and ways to save and cook healthier for my family.
Tonisha F.
Sometimes it’s an inconvenience to pull out your card in the middle of the store and call on the phone to see your balance and the ink that they use on the receipts fades away. [Fresh EBT] helps me a lot, keeps me on budget. Even though you can call the back of the card, it’s easier to see it. It helps set a weekly budget too. Thank you.
Tonya W.
A lot easier than calling your card all the time and you don’t havet to keep your receipt.
Tracy B.
Life disaster. Applied for and received an EBT CARD. I’m fed daily, satisfactory as long as I’m careful and watch [Fresh EBT’s] guidelines. I’m full; a delicious meal, I will progress and improve thanks to you. Guidelines: Here is what you have, here is what we suggest. They are GOOD suggestions.
Tracy C.
This app shows you your recommended weekly budget which helps me save and how much to use in a week
Tracy S.
Simplified finding out what my balance is without the trouble of calling in or keeping receipts.
Travis L.
Makes it easier to see balance instead of calling, which can be a bad experience.
Tre T.
It has helped me to learn how to prepare fresh and nutritious meals.
Treasa T.
Without the app I wouldn’t know where all the food banks are. I wouldn’t know about the fresh fruit market. So having this app has really been good and I wouldn’t know how many food stamps is on my EBT.
Trinisha S.
In this day and age there’s an app for everything to make life a little easier, a little less stressful. With a working family of four and a 16yr old stepson that is here on the weekends. Having to constantly run to the store. This app helps me stay on a personal weekly budget. It gives me a piece of mind of how I can quickly check my account balance at any time. It quickly gives accurate account information. I love the suggested recipes.
Valerie K.
It’s been great. I’ve found different recipes to make for my family, and I’ve learn how to budget when it comes to buying groceries.
Vanda H.
It’s made it easier to have a updated notice of what I have left rather than always calling in or hanging onto my last receipt.
Vanessa H.
It has help me a lot at the supermarket to know my balance, so I do not have to wait in line in other machine to know the balance.
Vanessa I.
Easy to access and keep track of my spending and balance.
Verna T.
I use it to keep track of how much I use… I love it…
It helps me keep track of how much I spent, make weekly budgets, and find what I need.
Vicki J.
I think it makes my budgeting lot easier to do since I can keep track on what I spend at my local grocery store, convenience store as well. Love this app for long time.
Vickie J.
I love it. It is the best.. Cuz it tell you how much you use and where did you use the card and everything.
It’s made it a lot easier to know how much I have left. Also I like to see what my recommended budget for the month is.
Victoria W.
It helps me keep track of what I am spending and on what my balance is.
Wanda M.
It has helped me so much!!! Not knowing how much I have, and not being able to pull it up at the last min. to see how much I have, and not having to wait 15 to 20 mins. Trying to punch in all the numbers on my card etc. I think it [Fresh EBT] could help everybody who uses SNAP. THANK YOU!!!
Wendy J.
Made life easier with a click, I see everything perfectly without the stress of calling all the time. It’s really helpful and much easier to have in hands if anything were to happen to my card.
Wendy P.
It is a great help.
William B.
Having this app has been great. I’m a middle aged man on disability, and if I should stop at the grocery store, I just open the app, and my EBT total is there instantly. No more calling and waiting and holding others up in the store using the phone trying to get my total, and they cannot hear how much I have!
William S.
It is so much easier. I can access it and see how much I still have left in the card instead of having to call in every time when I want to know how much I have left. And being able to see my past transactions.
Xeemie X.
Helps be manage my balance.
Yasmine R.
Muy eficiente.
Yesica R.
It has helped me so much to save on some prices and helps me keep up with my balance and it’s very educational.
Ziawanda M.