What Fresh EBT users in Puerto Rico are saying

In February/March of 2018, we asked some of the Fresh EBT users in Puerto Rico to tell us how Fresh EBT has impacted their life. Each individual gave permission for us to share their answer publicly.
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Es bueno no tener que hacer una llamada para saber tu saldo

Puerto Rico

Ya no tengo el problema de verificar mis balances. Además llevo un registro de donde hago mis compras.

Maria L.
Puerto Rico

Fresh EBT app impacted my life in all matters because if I didn’t use it, when hurricane Maria destroyed all, I’d never knew how much money was in my account.

M. M.
Puerto Rico

Es mucho mas fácil.

Eva Z.
Puerto Rico

Tengo más control en mis compras. [Sin la app,] se me hace más complicado verificar mi balance.

Puerto Rico

It has help me a lot at the supermarket to know my balance, so I do not have to wait in line in other machine to know the balance.

Vanessa I.
Puerto Rico

Me ha resultado útil para puedo ver mis balances y que compro en el supermercado y que cosas me cobran.

Rosemarie C.
Puerto Rico

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