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The fresh guide to EBT in Tennessee:
food stamp deposit schedule.

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Monthly benefit deposit schedule.

Last updated: 01/02/2020

Benefits are sent out from the 1st to the 20th of every month, based on the last two digits of your SSN.

If your:

SSN ends inBenefits available
00-041st of the month
05-092nd of the month
10-143rd of the month
15-194th of the month
20-245th of the month
25-296th of the month
30-347th of the month
35-398th of the month
40-449th of the month
45-4910th of the month
50-5411th of the month
55-5912th of the month
60-6413th of the month
65-6914th of the month
70-7415th of the month
75-7916th of the month
80-8417th of the month
85-8918th of the month
90-9419th of the month
95-9920th of the month
This information was compiled by Fresh EBT from publicly available government websites. Please check in with your local office if you have questions.