How Fresh EBT protects personal information

We built Fresh EBT to fight poverty through the most sophisticated technology. That extends far beyond look and feel — it also entails world-class privacy and security protocols. Our technical team, which has previously built core technology at Google, Cisco, and Facebook, approaches data security with the understanding that it’s of the utmost importance to our users.

We do our work to improve the lives of those who depend on safety-net services like EBT and SNAP, and that wouldn’t be possible if our technology was not fully modern, secure, and private.

We’ve built Fresh EBT to function without saving sensitive personal information, such as EBT card number or PIN, on our servers. This architecture decision makes Fresh EBT more secure than many popular web services, including many banking websites and government web services.

The fact that we never own or view your government case data, or personal information like card number and PIN, protects you from being compromised. Choosing not to store sensitive personal information on our servers is an extreme privacy measure that allows us to separate sensitive personal data from the anonymized usage data that we do collect in order to continue making Fresh EBT more useful.

Fresh EBT follows modern software standards around security, including fully encrypting all communications in and out of the app. All communication channels — both between the user’s device and our server and between the device and external servers — are encrypted end-to-end through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). At no point is sensitive personal data passed in the clear or visible to any third party.

And, just so we are totally clear: we do not sell data. We never share or sell individual data with third parties. Our business is in connecting our users with opportunities that improve their financial health, like grocery coupons, free phones, and jobs. Anonymized and aggregated data is used to deliver and improve our services, application, and partner content. All data retention and use policies are laid out in our Privacy Policy, which all users agree to in order to begin using Fresh EBT.

Our legal counsel, Latham & Watkins, is an internationally recognized law firm that has helped us craft a Privacy Policy that cements our commitment to privacy. Over one million people nationwide use Fresh EBT each month, and we have never experienced a single data breach or security issue. We believe it’s our responsibility to keep it that way. At Propel, we believe that maintaining our users’ trust is the most important thing we can do.

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