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Propel is a social enterprise that builds first-class software products for low-income Americans

Propel is a team of technologists, advocates, and engineers motivated by a desire to create social impact at scale. We built Fresh EBT to create a beautiful and easy digital experience for SNAP participants, because we believe that low-income Americans deserve the same attention to design and usability in products just for them.

Our design process for Fresh EBT is driven by feedback from clients. We have formal processes to regularly collect feedback via interviews, surveys, reviews and focus groups. Client input directly impacts design decisions and informs what features we build.

Fresh EBT makes the SNAP program more efficient by empowering clients to think about and manage their benefits as a financial tool. Clients tell us that Fresh EBT helps them budget their benefits and think more carefully about purchasing decisions.

Fresh EBT helps clients budget and manage their benefits

A study by Harvard economists found that using Fresh EBT helps SNAP participants extend their SNAP benefits by 4%, leaving fewer days at the end of the month when benefits have run out.

By better budgeting their benefits, Fresh EBT users get an extra 3 million meals every month from their benefits.

But most clients still have several days at the end of the month after benefits have run out. Fresh EBT aims to connect users to resources and services to help make ends meet.

Fresh EBT helps Americans stretch their benefits to provide an extra 3 million meals every month
It helps me budget my shopping and keep up with savings and how much I have on my account. It is so helpful to me. I didn’t know about budgeting until I got this app.
Shaniqwa W, Illinois
Using fresh EBT saves EBT clients over
avoiding calls to the 1-800 number that take anywhere from 15 seconds to two minutes

Clients save time and avoid hassle and embarrassment using Fresh EBT

Clients have shared that they feel much more secure simply opening an app — a common activity for nearly all Americans — than calling a number and having to navigate a phone tree and enter their full card number, especially while on the go or in a checkout line

Fresh EBT helps SNAP clients find broader financial stability by introducing them to new money-saving resources

We’re doing this by helping connect Fresh EBT users with job opportunities and social resources that can help them get back on their feet financially. Learn more about who we work with and why.

Since introducing digital coupons in Dec 2017, Fresh EBT has helped clients access over $13 million in savings
Over 50,000 job applications were submitted via Fresh EBT in 2018.

This app is wonderful!! For the first time I’m easily able to budget and make my grocery money stretch further. I’ve also been able to apply to jobs right on the app!

Fresh EBT works with national and local non-profits to bring access to social services directly to clients

We partner with FINI grantees and other healthy food incentive programs to market these savings opportunities to clients. Other partners include Feeding America, Share Our Strength, Museums for All, The Fair Food Network, Wholesome Wave, and America Saves.

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