Are you an EARN Starter Savings Program Member?

Did you sign up for the EARN Starter Savings Program? On October 2, 2017, EARN changed the name of the EARN Starter Savings Program to SaverLife.

SaverLife has a lot of additional resources that you can take advantage of, but the program is exactly the same as the EARN Starter Savings Program, any progress you’ve made or rewards you’ve earned won’t be affected.

What will change?
  • SaverLife works just like ESSP**, so you’ll keep any rewards you’ve already earned and you’ll be able to continue earning rewards until the end of the program.
  • If you’ve created an account, when you log in now, you’ll see SaverLife colors and images.
  • You’ll have access to [a new resource page][1] on the SaverLife website, where you can find helpful advice on topics like debt reduction, saving for retirement, and setting savings goals.
  • Your login information will not change.

How can I access SaverLife?

All your account information was moved to SaverLife on October 2, including the same username and password that you’ve already been using. Log in here

Why is this change happening?

We want to offer Savers more resources and support to help you on their financial journey. SaverLife does just that.

How can I learn more?

If you have any questions about SaverLife, please see SaverLife FAQs and SaverLife troubleshooting. You’re also welcome to email us with any questions or concerns at