15,000 jobs for SNAP participants through Fresh EBT

Propel’s Fresh EBT helps those on SNAP put more food on table, save money, build their career

NEW YORK, June 27, 2018 — Propel, a Brooklyn-based social enterprise working to give low-income Americans the same kind of technology options that help most others in the U.S, today announced that its Fresh EBT app used by Americans on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) has reached a new milestone, helping users to apply for more than 15,000 jobs nationwide.

Fresh EBT is used by more than 1 million Americans to view their SNAP balance on their phone. The company added a job board to the app last year to help users find work from local employers and apply easily.

“Our goal is to help more people every day, and reaching this milestone is a clear sign we’re doing that across the country,” said Jimmy Chen, Propel’s CEO. “With the Fresh EBT app, we are putting the kind of information that most Americans take for granted into the hands of low-income Americans so they can manage their SNAP benefits, find jobs, and build their careers. By giving them more resources at no cost to the user or taxpayers, we help their families, communities, the economy, and the government agencies that serve them.”

In addition to providing access to thousands of local jobs, Propel is also partnering with companies to directly connect users with even more employment opportunities. These partners include Shipt, Target’s user-friendly app that gets groceries and everyday essentials delivered though a local network of shoppers, and Wonolo, a company that connects employers to temporary workers who can help fill unexpected demands they face.

“Shipt and Propel share a similar mission: to help people in the communities we serve get the things they need. We’re excited to welcome Fresh EBT users to the Shipt community,” said Jerome Manuel, Shipt’s Shopper Acquisition Marketing Manager.

“We share Fresh EBT’s goal of connecting underserved Americans with more job opportunities, and it’s our privilege to offer flexible work options to their users. To date, Fresh EBT users have worked more than 1,000 jobs on the Wonolo platform — and we look forward to seeing the number grow with our continued partnership,” said Kristy Wen, Wonolo’s Senior Growth Marketing Manager.

A study by Harvard economists found that the Fresh EBT app helps SNAP recipients get about one extra day of food every month. In just the first three months of this year, Fresh EBT has also saved users more than $2 million through the coupons available in the app. Those on SNAP are a diverse group: 20 percent are in rural America or small towns. One-third have jobs. Many are kids, elderly, or in the military. One in 4 U.S. children receive SNAP benefits and every year more than 20,000 active-duty troops rely on the program.

Fresh EBT is built by Propel, a social enterprise based in Brooklyn, N.Y. We’ve built technology at leading companies like Google and Facebook, and we’ve served our communities at organizations like Code for America and AmeriCorps. Propel combines world-class software talent with a background in social services to build technology that fights poverty.

Propel is funded by a blend of mission-oriented investors and nonprofits. Propel’s supporters include the Robin Hood Foundation, the Center for Financial Services Innovation, Andreessen Horowitz, the Omidyar Network, Kevin Durant, and Nas. Propel was a finalist for the Wall Street Journal’s 2018
Financial Inclusion Challenge and is a member of the Markle Foundation’s Rework America Task Force. To learn more, visit www.freshebt.com and www.joinpropel.com, and follow us on Twitter@FreshEBT.