Fresh EBT’s Ad Standards

Nothing is more important to us than our users’ trust. All content that we put in Fresh EBT is screened and vetted diligently, both internally and with non-profit partners. We conduct independent due diligence, looking at news reports and online reviews, conducting expert interviews and user interviews, and analyzing savings/earnings claims. We also survey our users and run small pilots to monitor engagement on new content, using this as a measure of interest, fit, and relevance.

In reviewing potential advertising and referral partners for Fresh EBT, we screen based on the following criteria:

  1. Does the product / service provide tangible value to Fresh EBT users by helping them save or earn money. Examples include products that:
  • Allow users to save immediately on groceries (e.g., coupons, FINI grant programs at farmers markets and grocery stores)
  • Provide opportunities to save money on basic services (e.g., discounted broadband, Lifeline phone service), often because of clients’ status as SNAP participants
  • Connect users to jobs and opportunities to earn money (e.g., direct employers, gig platforms, social enterprise/skills development non profits)
  1. Does the company behave ethically and act in good faith toward Fresh EBT users (i.e., deliver the promised value / savings as stated, are not predatory in any way, have clear terms of service, have great customer support)
  2. Is the product / service relevant for a significant portion of Fresh EBT users