Fresh EBT
for Grocers and Retailers

Over 40 million Americans receive SNAP benefits — and an estimated 80% of low-income adults have access to a smartphone. Fresh EBT brings modern technology to the SNAP program, enabling users to easily check their SNAP balance through a free mobile app.

Fresh EBT also provides tools, such as a shopping list and a map of nearby stores, to help SNAP recipients shop for groceries and manage their budget. As a result, Fresh EBT is a part of users’ grocery shopping trips at home and in the store.

Fresh EBT helps retailers connect with SNAP shoppers

Through targeted advertising on Fresh EBT, retailers attract new shoppers and retain existing customers.

Highlight weekly deals and promotions

Create custom loyalty programs

Create branded content
(recipes, health tips, etc.)

Promote stores in the map view

16% increase in food sales
over two months among existing customers

Fresh EBT promoted a Mid-Atlantic regional grocer to users who lived within three miles of a store. When targeted users checked their SNAP balance, they saw the grocer’s weekly promotions, which linked to the full circular.

For existing shoppers, the timely ads increased sales at the grocer by 16% over two months. The ads also reached non-customers and drove new shoppers to the grocer.

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